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Balance your Mind, Body, & Soul at our Caribbean Retreat!

RDS Barbados

The Health Retreat

The Internal Health & Wellness Retreat is located on one of the most beautiful islands in The Caribbean: Barbados!

Home to some of the world's best beaches including Bathsheba Beach, just a short walk from our retreat center. Once you're with us you will not want to leave!

Tai Chi, Yoga, and Qigong will be the main focus during your stay with us but don't be surprised if you leave us having learned something completely off topic.

During a 1 week retreat you will be given 25 hours of first class instruction in groups no larger than 7 people to ensure you get the attention you deserve!

By the end of the week you will be completely rebalanced and feel a sense of peace within, ready to go back to your life energized with your new knowledge which you can practice daily for the rest of your life!

The Internal Health & Wellness Retreat in Barbados is available for select dates during July, August, and September only!

To avoid dissapointment BOOK NOW for 2019!

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