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There are only 2 mistakes one can make along the road to truth; Not going all the way & Not starting!

What You Will Learn

Tai Chi

Tàijí (Supreme Ultimate), more commonly known in the west as Tai Chi is an internal Chinese Martial Art practiced slowly, relaxed, and with deep natural breathing techniques.


It can be classified as moving Qigong which has many great health benefits, particularly being a great form of stress relief, relief of nervous tension, and the lowering of high blood pressure!

Practicing Tai Chi brings a state of mental calmness and clarity, you will gain a complete sense of well being as your muscles and joints get a gentle workout.


Once you know the basics and a Taiji form you can easily practice daily for the rest of your life!

Taiji School in China


Yoga is a Sankrit word meaning Union or Connection which is mainly thought of as doing various body postures and holds for the purpose of increasing flexibility but there is a lot more to Yoga than just that!

Yoga practices include postures (asana), breathing (pranayama), control of subtle forces (mudra and bandha), cleansing the body-mind (shat karma), mantra chanting, and many forms of meditation.

Yoga will help you facilitate balance and health, with frequent practice you will become more aware of yourself leading to self-mastery and self-realization!

Awareness is the secret of Yoga!

Yoga Retreat Caribbean


QiGong directly translates to Energy Work or Energy Cultivation and like Tai Chi, has many different routines some requiring you to be still without movement and others requiring you to move in specific ways or alignments in a relaxed meditative state with deep breathing techniques, mostly practiced while standing.

Qigong is a lot simpler to learn than Tai Chi with less complicated and shorter movements which can be picked up within a few hours however being able to completely relax and empty your mind will take time and daily practice. 

You can expect similar health benefits as those associated with Tai Chi but the more you practice and progress the more relaxed, less stressed, and in tune with everything you will become!

Health Retreat Caribbean

Overall, One thing Taiji, Qigong, and Yoga all have in common and that is deep, mindful, breathing techniques. By attending this retreat your mind and body are going to be supercharged! You will be taught how to pay close attention to the breath and observe it using Daoist Qigong and Yogic Pranayama techniques. After a while you will be more aware of your thoughts and emotions allowing you to control them better.

A combination of Tai Chi and Yoga Asanas will physically strengthen your body and make you more aware of your movement while enhancing your balance and co-ordination. 

One thing for sure, at the end of this retreat your health, concentration, relaxation, and awareness are all going to be improved!

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